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Student Board of Directors

Student Board of Directors team image What is the Student Board of Directors?
Sodexo provides services at hundreds of college and university campuses nationwide and serves thousands of students daily.  The Student Board of Directors (SBOD) was created several years ago to represent the voices of these students, and enable them to shape Sodexo’s programs and offers.  The menu in campus dining facilities, promotions, dining concepts, and other programs have been developed by the Board.  Members of the SBOD take hands-on approach and work closely with Sodexo’s culinary, marketing, and development teams. 

Who serves on the SBOD?
Each year, we accept applications for our National Board from talented undergraduates at various colleges and universities in the United States.  Applicants come from a variety of backgrounds and majors, which provides for a very diverse group of minds.  We accept applications from all Higher Education institutions, even those which are not served by Sodexo.  Members of the SBOD typically serve for 1-2 years depending on their current year of study at their institution.